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How to Take Care of Your Skis During the Off-Season

As the skiing season draws to a close, many avid outdoorsmen may wonder what to do with their equipment. It may be tempting to simply toss everything aside before breaking out your summer gear, but some end-of-season ski maintenance is necessary. To properly store your skis for the summer, get your skis tuned, using an all-purpose wax. Then, strap the skis together, base-to-base without touching. Store your skis in a cool, dry place away from the moisture, heat, and humidity. When Killington ski season returns, you’ll be ready for the best skiing near our Killington condos for rent

skis and boots

Get Your Skis Tuned

This can be done at home or by a professional. Ski tuning in the Vermont area generally costs around $50. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are the supplies you’ll need: 

  • A fire and edge tool
  • A scraper
  • Three brushes (stiff brass, horsehair, nylon)
  • All-purpose wax
  • An iron
  • Giant rubber bands
  • A flat surface, preferably with something to hold the skis in place

The first step is cleaning your skis. After a season spent on the slopes, they’re sure to have accumulated some debris. Scrub everything thoroughly using your brushes and secure the bindings with a rubber band to keep them out of the way. 

Scrape the skis 5 to 10 times in one direction. Repeat the same motion with the stiff brass brush, horsehair brush, and nylon brush in that order. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any debris. 

Next, sharpen your skis using the file and edge tool. The ski’s edge should be sharp enough to lightly cut your fingernail. Do not file the base edge. This should be left to the professionals!

Be sure to wax your skis. This can be done by holding some wax against the hot iron and letting it drip onto each ski. When this is complete, smooth the wax into an even layer approximately 1/8 inches thick. The skis should take two hours to dry. 

Most will find it easiest to waxing and filing to the professionals. Don’t put it off, however, as carelessly storing your skis after the season may result in rust or other damage that will cost much more in the long run! At the very least, make sure the skis are cleaned to avoid rust, and inspect your bindings for discolored or cracked plastic. 

skis being stored

Storing Your Skis

Once your skis are tuned, then it is appropriate to start looking for places to store them. A cool, dry place inside the house and away from sunlight is best. Do not store them in an equipment bag. Bags trap moisture, which increases the chances of rust and deterioration of the skis. 

Strap the skis together and position them either laying flat or hanging. A neutral position without pressure on the camber or rocker is best, so don’t hang them by the tips or with the camber compressed by straps or ski brakes. 

Those who are particularly contentious may release a bit of the tension on their ski binding springs by loosening them to the lower end of the DIN scale, though never completely. 

You may want to store the rest of your ski gear somewhere nearby. For boots, pull the liners out make sure everything is dry. Check them for wear and buckle them loosely so they hold their shape. Ski poles can be tied together and left near your skis. Goggle should be gently wiped on the outer lens with a cloth. The inside lens should not be touched! The best place to store them is a soft protective covering, like the designated area of a ski boot bag. 

When Ski Season Returns

If you follow these steps, getting back in gear for the season will be a snap. Scrape the wax off your skis and readjust your bindings (if you loosened them before), then head out to the slopes! 

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