Killington Night Life

Killington is known for awesome night life that would rival many places around the world. We have seen acts that many other ski areas would only dream of. Frankly we know how to have a good time in Killington. Below are just a few examples.

Jax Food & Games

If you are looking for some awesome food and great local music, look no further. This place is known for both. The locals know where to go and any given night the license plates in the parking lot will be 50/50 Vermont to out of state.

Pickle Barrel Night Club

There is a reason they call this the house that rocks Killington. This joint has seen awesome cover bands and headline acts alike. If folks like Snoop Dog and Jason Maraz feel like it is worth playing this place it is absolutely worth you checking out. Visit Website

Wobbly Barn

This is one of the Killington originals. The short version is simple. This was a privately owned establishment that has almost been here from the beginning. The ski resort now owns and operates it. To their credit they have left the awesome atmosphere intact. Visit Website