Spartan Beast

This is the obstacle race to top all others! Competitors race on courses varying from 1 mile to marathon distances and in 2012, Spartan Races were voted the “Best Obstacle Race” by Outside Magazine. This race is no stranger to Vermont, and especially Killington. These races began in Vermont and Killington has been the September host to the races for the past few years.

The Spartan Beast is a 10-12 mile course where the participants may see obstacles from fire jumping, barbed wire crawls, spear throw, wall climbs or the Gladiator Arena where “gladiators” try to know down the contestants with pugil sticks. This race is an all-out push of the physical limits and has a 10% completion rate. Even the best of athletes may struggle.

Killington will host the Spartan Beast, a Spartan Sprint and the Spartan Ultra race this September. Whether you are competing, coming to cheer on your Spartan or just watch this amazing course, The Killington Group has lodging options for you.