Ski Rentals by Feature


Allow Pets

amenity: Allow Pets

Cable TV

amenity: Cable TV


amenity: Fireplace

High Speed Internet

amenity: High Speed Internet

Indoor pool

amenity: Indoor pool

Outdoor Heated Pool

amenity: Outdoor Heated Pool

Private Hot Tub

amenity: Private Hot Tub

Trail Access

amenity: Trail Access

Tennis Courts

amenity: Tennis Courts


amenity: Playground

Community BBQ

amenity: Community BBQ

Washer and Dryer

amenity: Washer and Dryer

Community Hot Tub

amenity: Community Hot Tub

Private BBQ

amenity: Private BBQ

TV Bed 4

amenity: TV Bed 4

En Suite Bath Bed 4

amenity: En Suite Bath Bed 4

TV Bed 5

amenity: TV Bed 5

En Suite Bath Bed 5

amenity: En Suite Bath Bed 5


amenity: Lockbox


Off Killington Access Road

area: Off Killington Access Road

Within 15 minutes

area: Within 15 minutes

Killington Basin

area: Killington Basin

Within 10 minutes

area: Within 10 minutes

Within 5 minutes

area: Within 5 minutes

Property Types

Vacation Homes

type: Vacation Homes


type: Townhomes


type: Condominium