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Why Take a Summer Vacation in Killington, Vermont?

When you think of beautiful Killington, Vermont, skiing or snowboarding likely comes to mind first. It’s no surprise since Killington is the largest ski resort on the East Coast and is renowned for its Vermont powder.

However, snow sports are not the only reason to come and enjoy the many Killington vacation rentals. Rather, there’s so much to do in Killington almost all year round!

The same mountains that make Killington a fantastic winter sports destination also make it an ideal location for summer outdoor sports. Paired with shopping, dining, and other local attractions, Killington has something to offer for everyone.

scenic Killington, Vermont

Summer Weather in Killington

Before we dive into all the summer activities in Killington, VT, let’s talk about the weather in Killington. One of the great things about Vermont generally is that, although it does get hot for a few weeks of the year, it is much cooler than most of the continental US. Even in July, the weather averages less than 80° in the middle of the day. There’s also some rain, which keeps the humidity down.

Practically speaking, enjoying Killington vacation homes in the summer may mean wearing a sweatshirt at night. So, if you and your family do not like a lot of hot weather, this is an excellent destination. Furthermore, there are many things to do in Killington, VT, that can make the best of a rainy day.

Experience Nature

Because Killington is nestled in the beautiful Vermont Green Mountains, you will see nature all around you. Many Killington vacation rentals have a lovely view of the mountains, which are full of leaves during the summer. Both Killington Peak and the surrounding area have plenty of wildlife, mountain streams, and other natural features.

Do you want your children to look up at the sky and see the stars? Choose one of our Killington rentals with a deck, and bundle up against the evening chill. The stars are brighter here than you are probably used to, especially if you live in the city. You’ll make memories that the kids will never forget.

Book Your Stay!

Having planned your summer vacation activities, it’s time to think about the perfect place to stay. Our range of Killington vacation rentals caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. Start planning your mountain getaway now!

Summer Outdoor Activities 

Naturally, the breathtaking surroundings of the area entice visitors to step outside of their Killington vacation homes and indulge in outdoor activities. With good weather, there are countless things to do outside in Killington, whether alone or with friends and family. Among the top picks is hiking in the area.

There are many trails available, and for a short hike, you only need a good pair of shoes! If you want to go on a longer walk, you can get basic hiking gear in a local shop or bring your own. Best of all, if you are staying in one of our pet-friendly Killington vacation homes, many hiking trails also allow dogs. Just be sure to bring a poop bag and a water bowl.

When staying at any of the Killington vacation rentals, consider exploring the numerous mountain bike trails in the area. These trails are perfect for both avid and beginner bikers. For those looking for an extra challenge, the resort offers summer lift tickets.

The lift gondolas are equipped with bike racks during the summer, so you can take the lift up and bike to the foot of the mountain. If you live close enough, you can bring your own bicycle. Or, rent a bike and all the equipment you need from one of the local bike shops.

In a testament to Killington’s value as a year-round resort, you can enjoy a round of golf very close to all Killington vacation rentals. Some of them are even within walking distance of the Killington Country Club! 

mountain views from a cliff

And if you don’t mind a short drive, the Green Mountain National Golf Course is a must-try. And because of the close proximity, you don’t have to choose between a round of golf and a fresh home-cooked meal. Drive a little farther, and you can visit the famous Woodstock Golf Club or the Rutland Golf Club.

Even people who prefer to skip the clubs and links can enjoy disc golf near Killington. Choose from three separate courses depending on the size and skill level of your party. Also, some of them are farther away from the Killington vacation homes. But if you go this route, you still get to enjoy a pretty drive through the mountains. Of course, you don’t have to keep your feet dry to enjoy beautiful Killington. If you want to enjoy a day out on the water, think about a Killington kayaking adventure. Depending on your preferences, you can kayak on any of several local lakes and rivers. You can also rent one or two-person kayaks, depending on which outfitter you choose. Overall, it’s a great way to have fun with the group and still have some solitude.

Other Things to Do During the Summer

Whether you want to take a break from outdoor activities or need to hide from the rain, there are plenty of indoor things to do in Killington, VT. In the immediate Killington area, there’s plenty of shopping, or you can drive to nearby Rutland, Woodstock, and Hartford. Each of these towns has plenty of unique shops and attractions to explore.

If you’re traveling with children or love to try something new, think about visiting the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. Here, you’ll tour the factory and see how your favorite ice cream flavor is made. It’s educational for the kids and interesting for the adults. Then, finish off your visit with a freshly-scooped cone.

Similarly, you can explore Vermont’s agricultural tradition at the Billings Farm Museum in Woodstock. Here, you can learn about various livestock, including cows and sheep. Visit the calves, take in live demonstrations, and enjoy some ice cream. 

There’s plenty to do on this all-day trip. Other museum options include the Calvin Coolidge House in Plymouth, which is where the president grew up. Or for the bird enthusiast, check out VINS in Woodstock. Here, you can see bald eagles and other raptors up close.

Awesome Local Breweries

group of friends sharing beers
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Searching for craft breweries in Killington? Look no further! For the 21+ crowd, there are several local breweries to choose from. These are great ways to reward yourself after a day on the trails, or even to get away from your Killington vacation rentals on a rainy day.

The most famous local brewery is the Long Trail Brewing Company, which is the original modern craft brewery in Vermont. You can try a wide variety of beers, with or without a full meal. Another option is the Killington Beer Company, which also brews its beer in-house. Gather around the pool table with a pint, or enjoy some pub fare and conversation. You won’t be sorry.

Rent with the Killington Group

No matter what type of summer activities in Killington, Vermont, you have planned, be sure to stay in one of our Killington vacation homes. These have a lot of advantages, such as the ability to spread out and relax after a long day of fun. 

Many of them also have an in-unit washer and dryer, which is awesome if you pick up the mud on the bike trails or get a grass stain on the links. Best of all, the condo environment tends to be quieter than a hotel. Book your Killington condo rental today!