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two women playing disc golf in Killingrton, VT

Where to Play Disc Golf Near Killington, Vermont

Finding summer activities in Killington, VT should be simple. Killington offers smaller crowds, shorter waits in line, and more for you to do and enjoy than other nearby destinations, not to mention a few tremendously coveted spots for disc golf (both for beginners and seasoned players alike).

If you were to narrow down the top three spots for getting your game on, you’d choose the following courses: Base Camp Outfitters, Northwood Park Disc Golf Course, or Pittsfield Disc Golf Course. Learn more about each of them before you come to stay in one of our Killington vacation rentals!

Killington Disc Golf Courses

Base Camp Outfitters

woman completing a disc golf course in killington

Depending on the weather in Killington, VT, Base Camp Outfitters can provide the perfect outdoor setup with its 5,273-foot altitude and 3,761-foot length overall. If you like to disc golf by league, which many now consider one of the most fun ways to engage in the sport, then you’ve got two ways to do it here. First, you can drop in on a Sunday and play a couple of rounds starting at 10 a.m. Your 2nd round begins at 1 p.m. on the dot. The second option would be to come in for a social night. These nights are open to all and usually happen on Tuesday, from around 5-5:30 p.m.

Northwood Park Disc Golf Course  

You can play from dawn to dusk at the Northwood Park Disc Golf Course, any day of the year (even on holidays). These are some of the most flexible hours of any local course, and people love to flock in. The ambiance here is also very laid-back and friendly, welcoming any player of any skill level. This course is the unique reconstruction and proper restructuring of a former dirt trail and logging site. The main 9-hole, par-30 game they plan here runs across 3,167 feet of pure grass. If you come Tuesday nights (hours ranging), you can play the full 18 holes instead! 

Pittsfield Disc Golf Course

two women playing disc golf on course in killington vermont

Hundreds of volunteers have put in countless, tireless hours into making this course, and that’s what’s so special about it: It was a genuine, team community effort from its start to its finish. This free golf course lets you plan in 18 holes with scenic views, all close to the lovely Kirvin Park. Like the last two mentioned, this one is also typically open from sunrise to sunset (around 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., every day of the year). The holes are varied, challenging, and super fun! Get competitive and beat your friends.

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