Top Things to Do at Killington During the Summer

The forest is thick with life. The sun is bright but cool. This is summer at Killington, where the northeast lights up and the summer activities and events keep the sky beaming all season long.

We love all the many different Killington summer things to do. They are varied, and interesting, giving all visitors a chance to find a new favorite event and maybe a new favorite vacation destination. We cover exactly what you can find from our top 5 Killington summer events.

play a round of Killington Golf

Play a Round of Golf

From May 25 through October 14 (2019 dates) the expert Geoffrey Cornish-designed Killington Resort is your finest place to play golf. It is rated 6,186-yard, par 72 Championship Golf Course, with top amenities, including a spectacular 12,000 square-foot putting green and practice bunker. You can request private lessons from a local master or visit the Clubhouse Bar and Grill with its outdoor deck seating. If you can’t get away for a nice lunch or dinner, there’s also an on-course beverage cart.

Relax at the Killington Summer Concert Series

The Killington Summer Concert Series runs the entire season. Every Saturday, at the Snowshed Base Area near the Killington Bike Park, you can stop by for some music under the sun. It ranges from fun and funky pop/rock groups to punk and folk. One of the year’s highlights includes the renowned Sublime-inspired group, Badfish. Hear wispy folk from Oliver Hazard, or inspirational dance/hip-hop from Juice. Ballroom Thieves will close out the summer series with their distinct style of male and female harmonies over crooning rock and folk.

The “Cooler in the Mountains Concert Series” is a wonderful way to experience the community. You’ll find snacks and bar food at the Snowshed Umbrella bar.

Take an ATV Tour

With no clutch and no shifting, anyone who can drive a car can drive an ATV through the Vermont mountainsides. It’s an absolute blast for anyone who wants that full-throttle thrill of coasting through nature. Your ATV tour will always be led by an experienced guide. Guests will have eye protection, headgear, and a complete demonstration of how to drive an ATV.

ATV Vermont Tours is the leading provider in the area, and your go-to source for all things ATV.

hike to the summit of Killington Peak

Hike to Killington Peak

Killington Peak is an impressive mountaintop, open for all kinds of hikers. From the inexperienced to the masterclass, the peak features about 15 miles of trails. Most of the trailheads begin at the main hub area at the base of the mountain. The trails then branch off and wind up the various mountaintops, taking you to various destinations, like Peak Lodge and Skye Peak. A map is available here for you to get your bearings and plot your adventure.

Go Mountain Biking

Killington packs some of the best mountain biking in the East. Get out there and test yourself with some epic mountain biking along one of three main peaks- Snowshed, Ramshead, and Killington Peak.

Annual passes are available to guests who expect to return soon. High-speed lifts will take you to one of the three designated peaks within the Killington Bike Park.

Don’t miss out on any of our Killington vacation rentals. Have an amazing time under the northeastern sun as you enjoy these, and many other possible activities in the area. This is your chance to see a dazzling destination and bring anyone and everyone you care about along for the adventure. Stay close to Killington in one of our condo summer rentals. Review our list today and book the ideal escape.

Experience Killington Mountain Biking: the Best Bike Park in the East

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The Best Killington Hiking Trails

It should come as no surprise to you that the Green Mountains that surround the charming town of Killington, VT, provide thrill-seekers and avid hikers with a seemingly endless network of mountaintop trails within minutes of The Killington Group’s vacation rentals. While there’s no off-season for backcountry hiking in our neck of the Vermont hardwoods, there’s no denying the jaw-dropping beauty during the lush summer and autumn’s foliage. Whether you’re hoping to discover a rushing waterfall or hike to the top of a mountain’s peak, you’ll always be a short drive from our affordable, top-rated Killington accommodations. We’ve conveniently compiled four of our favorite Killington hiking trails, ranging from “hard” to “easy,” to ensure that your adventure-based escape into the Green Mountains is nothing short of flawless.

Deer Leap Overlook Trail

The 1.9-mile Deer Leap Overlook Trail is just a five-minute drive from most of our contemporary Killington condo rentals. Not only is Deer Leap ideal for hikers of all skill levels thanks to its gradual elevation gain, but it also provides some of the best Green Mountain valley views at its peak. The well-marked path itself is enclosed by pretty wildflowers, sugar maples, and beech trees. If you’re hoping to extend your stay inside Gifford Woods State Forest Park, we recommend challenging yourself on the arduous Sherburne Pass Trail to Pico Peak.

killington hiking trailsBucklin Trail to Killington Peak

Bucklin Trailhead rests directly in-between the cities of Killington and Rutland in the heart of the Green Mountains. The out-and-back journey to Killington Peak spans 7.2 miles in total with a strenuous elevation gain of nearly 2,500 feet. In the end, this full-day excursion is quite rewarding as you’ll earn sweeping views of three mountain ranges, including the Adirondacks, the White Mountains, and, of course, the Green Mountains. If you’re hoping to conquer one of the most challenging Killington hiking trails this summer, we highly recommend Bucklin Trail.

Leffert’s Pond Trail

One of the last remaining hidden gems among Killington hiking trails rests near the village of Chittenden. Leffert’s Pond Trail is an easy, 1.6-mile, out-and-back hike that’s quiet, scenic, and exceptionally colorful during autumn’s peak. Only locals, dog walkers, and savvy travelers know about serene Leffert’s Pond, which is among our top recommendations for those hoping to picnic near a calm lake.

Thundering Brook Falls

Thundering Brook Falls is less of a hike and more of a pit stop, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking out this popular yet undeniably gorgeous waterfall. During summer’s hottest stretches, the refreshing, surprisingly hurried currents in Kent Brook are an ideal place for a quick soak. Many thrill-seekers climb the falls, but make sure that you’re wearing the correct footwear.

killington hiking trailsTop-Rated Killington Vacation Rentals

The four aforementioned Killington hiking trails are within a short drive from all of our vacation rentals. Feel free to browse through The Killington Group’s collection of house, condo, and townhome rentals located throughout the city. We’re located at the foothills of the Green Mountains, where you’ll discover top-rated craft breweries, world-class mountain biking, championship golf courses, and the award-winning Killington Adventure Center. To book a well-deserved adventure-based escape to Vermont, please give us a call today at 1-802-422-2300.