Some of the services we provide:
• After hours check-in
• All towels and linens provided
• Kitchen cooking and eating utensils
• Directions and recommendations for restaurants and nightlife
• Taxi service is available as well as Uber and Lyft

10 West Park Road Killington VT 05751. We are on the corner of West Park Road and Killington Road.

Summer 4 PM and Winter 5 PM

Summer 1 PM and Winter 11

The Killington Market is located about halfway up the Killington access road at 2023 Killington Road Killington,Vermont. Great selection of wines, cheeses, deli selection with homemade food.

The Deli at Killington Corners makes great sandwiches with a great beer selection. This is also the location of the State Liquor store with amazing prices. You can find them at 2068 Route 4, Killington, VT.

We have a 24-7 answering service that is able to get in touch with us if need be. Just call our office number 802-422-2300 and tell the operator what you need.

The shuttle comes by the condos about every quarter hour or so. They run to Snowshed Base lodge and even the access road itself.

Yes, ALL of our units do offer WiFi internet. Just ask when booking and we will let you know for sure.