Things to Do

Summer Fun

Mount Biking

Rent an amazing bike for your visit and enjoy downhill mountain biking all day long.

River Tubing

Enjoy a leisurely float down the river this summer while staying in Killington!


A new and improved twist to zip lines. The ride is 600 feet long, 100 feet high and glides at 30 miles per hour. Includes comfortable side-by-side seating for two and unbeatable views all year ‘round.


A trampoline and bungee jump system all in one that gives you the bounce and air-time needed to pull of fun tricks and flips.

SkyeRopes Course

Standing four-stories tall with 42 obstacles to maneuver – enjoy hours of fun for daredevils, climbers and athletes of all ages.

Roaring Brook Mining

A kid-friendly adventure of gemstone mining and panning for gold provides a great keepsake for miners of all ages. Grab your personal bag of hidden gems and head to the sluiceway to uncover your treasure.

Disc Golf

Mountainside disc golf course offers a fun and challenging game for all ability levels. The course starts at the top of Snowshed and meanders its way back down to Snowshed Lodge. Each round includes a one-way ride up the Snowshed Express Quad to get you to the first tee.

Winter Activities

Ski Killington Mountain

The Northeast’s best skiing is right here in Killington! The first to open and last to close nearly every year is a long and snowy ski season!