Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpet make your home fresh and new

Killington is a gorgeous place year round, but it is a brutal place for carpeting! We’ve recently become a year round resort with mountain biking, skiing and hiking which means home and condo properties are taking more of a beating than ever. Thanks to the latest technology, we
have the right equipment to clean your carpets thoroughly without damage to the fibers and dyes.

Latest Technology To Clean Carpets Without Damage

Our equipment uses the latest technology to deep clean carpets of all materials on floors and stairs without compromising the structural integrity or vibrance of color.

Free Estimates

Call for a free estimate.  If you have a standard footprint of one of our local Killington condos we may even be able to quote you over the phone if you text us a very recent picture of the condition of the carpeting.

Wall-To-Wall / Area Rugs / Stairs Cleaned

We clean carpets on floors, stairs and walls whether area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting.