Convenient Places to Eat at Killington

Ready to take a small break for the outdoors fun? Ready to dial it down a few notches and settle for a nice morning, afternoon, or evening with friends or family?

Obviously, you have to get some grub. Fortunately, there is an array of really interesting Killington restaurants for you to check out right in the resort near your Killington condo rentals. From the fireplace cabin atmosphere of the Peak Lodge to the classic hotel hangout of Preston’s, there’s plenty of rewarding and cozy places to eat at Killington. 

Burger and fries at the Clubhouse Grill in the Killington Resort, VT

Clubhouse Grill

The Clubhouse Grill has an awesome and convenient location right at the Killington Clubhouse. There’s a wide variety of tasty and accessible snacks and sandwiches, including loaded potato fries, quesadillas, firecracker shrimp tossed in a spicy aioli, the turkey club, grilled salmon, buffalo chicken sandwich, and about 10 other delightful and delicious sandwich standards.

The Clubhouse Grill is just a really cool-and-collected place to hang out, with its cabana space and wide-open deck. Check out the full menu here.


Preston’s is emblematic of the area’s treasured farm to plate network. Just about every ingredient that comprises Preston’s wide selection of artisan cheeses, calamari, nachos, seafood tapas, Angus burgers, and shrimp tacos are all sourced from local farms. 

Preston’s is located at the Grand Resort Hotel. It is open for breakfast and dinner, with lunch hours on weekends.

Peak Lodge

Peak Lodge may have the most varied menu out of all the restaurants listed here. Just about anyone can find something to snack on. Vegetarians can indulge in the special veggie wraps and various pasta dishes, while meat lovers will appreciate the herb-marinated sirloin and the assortment of burgers.

Both the hours and the menu change seasonally. Call ahead to verify times and menu specialties. The Peak Lodge is also a great place to grab a drink. You can order a signature hot cocktail, a glass of fine wine, or a local draft beer in the lounge by the restaurant fireplace.

Base Lodge Food Courts and Bars

Looking for a casual lunch so you can get back to the excitement for the day? There’s nothing wrong with taking it a little easier for a meal or two. This is why we recommend the base lodge food courts and bars. There are about six different locations on-site for you to check out, and each one specializes in a different type of food. The Skyeship Cantina has all those finger foods you love, including nachos, soft pretzels, wings, and all the burritos and tacos you could ask for. Ramshead is a welcoming kid-friendly spot with burgers, fries, macaroni and cheese and maybe a few things for adults too!

Grab a quick drink and a modest lunch over in the convenient base lodge food courts and bars.

Umbrella Bars

There are two main umbrella bars in the area. Umbrella bars are known for serving bar snacks and drinks in a cozy and protected area, immune to the local temperature and weather.

Two of the best umbrella bars are Snowshed and Roaring Brook.

Snowshed has its cute yellow-coated umbrella cabana space, with a pleasant outdoor deck attached. You can treat yourself to all the bar snacks and signature cocktails in the heart of the winter.

Roaring Brook at the K-1 Base has indoor and outdoor seating directly at the foot of the Superstar ski slope. There’s live music on the weekends and outdoor grills during the spring and summer seasons.

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