Experience Killington Mountain Biking: the Best Bike Park in the East

Killington mountain biking represents what we all want- to challenge ourselves and take on the biggest obstacles with confidence.

There is no feeling quite like riding a mountain bike while you whip and weave through the dense foliage of New England. But that is exactly what you get with the challenging and time-tested thrills of the Killington Bike Park.

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The Best Mountain Biking In The East

The park is the fastest growing downhill mountain bike park in the northeast. There are about 30 miles of intense and challenging trails for riders to experience in all their glory.

Killington mountain biking includes terrain for everyone, from the white-knuckled beginner to the seasoned expert. Trails incorporate all kinds of terrain. Overall, there are about 29 trails to choose from in the park. You are free to choose the trail which meets your current skill level.

Overall, the Killington Bike Park features three main areas for you to explore. Snowshed features a lot of beginner terrain. Intermediate riders can learn the ropes of a modest challenge while beginners won’t feel completely overwhelmed. There’s a lot of open and wide trails with modest curves. Downhills are sporadic and the terrain has plenty of flat space for you to feel the ride.

Ramshead is only available to those who graduate Snowshed. It features some decent-sized drops and plenty of intermediate areas for you to explore. There’s also some splashes of advanced terrain along the Ramshead.

Finally, we have Killington Peak. This is a mix of the intermediate and the advanced. While Killington Peak isn’t just constant intense action, it is the highest peak traversable in the park and definitely a top destination.

You will want to choose your route before you head out. One of three high-speed lifts will carry you to your mountaintop of choice.

Visitors can test their skills first with ticket, lesson, and rental packages. Visitors hoping to return a few more times can also check out annual passes. They include unlimited dirt runs for the year and other options. Special deals incorporate two free one-day lift and trail tickets.

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Bring A Bike Or Rent A Bike

You can definitely ride on your own or take lessons. If you ride on your own, you will have to hit Snowshed first and prove you have what it takes to hit a more advanced trail.

Killington Bike Park offers over 200 different bikes for rent, including selections from Rocky Mountain Maiden, Devinci Wilson, and more. This also includes youth sizes in industry-leading brands like Norco and Rossignol. Youth is considered 18 and younger. Bike rental prices range from about $80 to $110 for the day.

Where To Stay?

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Don’t miss out on an enthralling vacation experience. After a long day, you return to your vacation rental and enjoy your own private hot tub. Feel emboldened by the natural views and surrounded by stunning trees and dense forestry.

Be sure to check out our full list of available Killington vacation rentals. Join in the fun during your family getaway. Feel every bump on the path as you watch some of the most talented and ambitious riders in the area come out to test their skills against nature.