Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Why To Stay In A Vacation Rental

You have your destination picked out, you have searched area activities, and you know what dates you want to make your escape, but you have not figured out where you are staying. This is common for travelers with all the choices out there. Between vacation rentals and hotels, there could be hundreds of options. Here are a few different ways a vacation rental could be a better fit and save your money on your next trip.

family standing together

Privacy and The Comfort Of A Home

In hotels, guests find themselves in a room sandwiched between a hall of numerous other units that look exactly the same. You often end up needing to whisper so neighbors are not disturbed, or you can hear the couple across the hall having clear a disagreement on something. When you stay in a vacation home, you usually stay in an actual home. Whether it be a cozy cabin or a luxury house, you keep your privacy and can tell your place apart from the next by more than just a number on the door. You can put on your favorite tunes while dancing in the kitchen and cook your favorite meal and none of your neighbors will come knocking at your door to quiet down.  

Group Space And Saving Money

When traveling in groups, space can be a huge convenience but also a huge expense. Instead of a group of 5 or more going in on a suite or getting several rooms in a hotel and sleeping wherever there is space, you could each have your own bed or bedroom in a vacation rental. Many vacation rentals are full-sized homes and are made to accommodate everyone comfortably and can be found at affordable prices. Vacation rental properties usually sleep 6 to 14 guests so no member of the party needing to hit the hay on a carpeted floor.

You will also have more choice in the living space available. If you are on a week-long ski trip in Vermont with 6 of your best buds, you will not want to have all of your gear in one tiny space. Vermont ski vacation rentals offer enough space for your gear and for your group to relax in living and dining areas. You will also save more money by not needing to order food for your meals as vacation rental homes have full kitchens with all of the appliances required to prepare your meals.

Which One Do You Choose?

Though hotels are fitting for some and make more sense for certain events, they are simply not for everyone. Staying in a vacation rental definitely has its advantages. When you are looking to ski, take a family vacation, or just want to get away for a while, Killington, Vermont is a fantastic choice. Take a look at their website to see just how comfortable and affordable their Vermont ski vacation rentals are. When planning your next getaway or Vermont ski adventure, The Killington Group’s vacation rentals could be perfect for you.