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girl eating burger at restaurant in killington

Where to Grab Something to Eat Between Runs at Killington Resort

If you are looking for a winter vacation getaway, bring your crew to Killington. Killington, Vermont, has many fantastic places to hit the slopes, whether you want to go snowboarding or skiing. Your Killington vacation rental is the perfect spot to spend your time when you’re not out skiing down the slopes. When you stay at a Killington vacation rental, you can easily rent skis here at Killington and hit the slopes for an afternoon of fun. When you’re out there on the mountain, you’ll need a place to stop and eat at some point! No matter what you’re looking for, one of the lodges near your Killington ski slope will have precisely what you want to eat.

With so many lodges to choose from, here are some of the best when you want to grab something to eat between your runs!

Peak Lodge

Looking to dine at 4,421 feet above sea level? The Peak Lodge is exactly the restaurant you’re looking for! They offer farm-fresh food daily. No matter what plate you order after your ski run, you’ll be getting only the freshest meal each time. Peak Lodge offers daily specials, but they also provide year-round specialties. You’ll find their hot grilled items on the specials or at their pasta station. Visitors rave about the Robie Farms Peak Burger or the house-made mac n’ cheese. You’ll also find fresh soups and sandwiches made straight from their deli. Their menu offers lite fare, fine wine, signature cocktails, and local beers. Peak is accessible to all skiers and snowboarders via the K-1 Express Gondola. Peak Lodge is open seasonally and has varying hours depending on their peak days. They open their doors on the opening day of skiing/snowboarding season until late April.

K-1 Base Lodge

While the K-1 Base Lodge isn’t open yet, there’s so much to look forward to when you stop in! Unfortunately, the Lodge is closed for the rest of the 21-22 season, but the K-1 is hoping to open its doors for the winter 22-23 season. The next time you come to rent skis and hit the slopes near your Killington vacation rental, you’ll be able to stop in! The new Lodge will be a three-story lodge created and designed by Breadloaf. The facility will be 50% bigger than the old one! You will be able to sit and dine in a luxurious new lodge; you’ll get a beautiful view of Vermont! The windows leave you with a perfect 180-degree view of the Vermont mountain landscape. The K-1 will offer open floor seating, mixed seating arrangements, floor-to-ceiling windows, a massive fireplace, and a food court that provides the freshest farm-to-table cuisine.

Snowshed Base Lodge

The Snowshed food court is another fantastic place to pull up when out on your run! Their food court has many stations to choose from, so the entire family should be satisfied. The food court here in the Snowshed Base Lodge has pizza, a smashed burger bar, a salad bar, a made-to-order sandwich bar, and more! You’ll even be able to find daily breakfast and lunch specials and fresh fruit and snacks. Snowshed Base Lodge even has a pub! The Long Trail Pub is part restaurant and part sports bar, making it the perfect place to grab a bite and watch the game. They have delicious menu options like the Vermont artisan meat and cheese board and the blackened swordfish wraps. This laid-back venue is located at the base of the mountain, making it a perfect spot to visit after a long day of skiing.

The Snowshed is seasonally open from mid-December through early/mid-April; exact dates depend on the weather and the snow conditions. The Lodge does reopen for the summer.

Ramshead Base Lodge

Take your whole family to the Ramshead Base Lodge for a kid-friendly lodge. This Lodge serves family-friendly meals that are perfect for the kids. The kids’ portions are the most popular option here at Ramshead! You’ll find chef-inspired breakfast and lunches as well as visitor favorites. There are burgers, fries, and mac n’ cheese served here. You can order a pizza on the weekends and during peak periods. You can also pick up some fresh fruit and snacks whenever you like! The Ramshead’s seasonal schedule runs from late November or early December until mid/late April.

Bear Mountain Base Lodge

The Bear Mountain Base Lodge has one of the best food courts on the mountain, but you should note that the food court is only open on the weekends. They are seasonally open from late December through mid-April. Here, you’ll find their signature burger spot, which features local gourmet beef, chicken, chili, and so much more. There is also a full-service bar waiting for you! Outside the Bear Mountain Base Lodge sits the Rollin’ Rooster food truck, where you can pick up some amazing fried chicken!

Skyeship Base Lodge

Ready to warm up between your ski runs? The Skyeship Base Lodge food court offers all you need to stay warm this winter. Here, you’ll find beef and veggie chili. They make their tortilla chips and warm queso dip in-house, so you always get the freshest chips and dip. You’ll even be able to pick up some chicken fingers and fries! The Skye Bar is located in the Lodge and is open on the weekend and during peak periods. The Skyeship Base Lodge opens in late December or early January and closes in late March. It will also be open Fridays and Saturdays and on peak days.

Plan Your Visit!

Killington has numerous places to hit the slopes and countless restaurants to fill up on between runs! If you’re looking for adventure and delicious food, Killington is the perfect vacation destination for you! View our rentals and book your vacation today!

The Beastro

If you’re looking for a creative lunch that stands out from the rest, head to the K-1 base area and find the Beastro Taco Trailer to satisfy your creative lunch cravings. This food truck is the best local spot for Mexican fare, Presented by MTN DEW. Each dish they prepare offers a new and exciting twist on your favorite classics. You’ll find an assortment of tacos, signature items like their Pepsi Burrito, and even their Chile Verde Fritos Pork Stew. The Beastro Trailer is entirely outdoors. You’ll be able to sit outside while you dig into a taco, burrito, or stew. This is perfect for whoever wants to eat while on the go. Beastro is open Friday through Sunday and occasionally on weekdays.

Looking for a fantastic place to stay after you hit the slopes? Your Killington condo rental is the perfect place to relax the night away. You can crash into a comfy bed after spending all day skiing in the cold. After being outdoors all day and dining at one of these places to eat at Killington Resort, your Killington condo rental is the perfect place to stay. If you choose to stay here in the off-season, there are plenty of other things to do in the area. For instance, you can bike one of the fantastic trails around Killington. Whether you’re looking for adventure or some of the best Killington restaurants, you’ll be able to find it all here!

If you’re ready to book your Killington vacation rental, contact us today!