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killington mountain shuttle with packs loaded

Killington Mountain Shuttles

On your next vacation to the Killington area, you’re in for some excitement! The ski conditions here bring visitors from far and wide year after year, but there are lots of other winter activities in Killington here if you’re not into skiing. But what’s the best way to get to the slopes? By shuttle! Killington Mountain shuttles are some of the most popular forms of transportation in the area since they’re so convenient. The whole family can simply hop on the shuttle and get wherever you want to go. Here is your complete guide to the shuttles near our Killington ski in/out vacation rentals.

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Ski Shuttles

The main ski shuttle you’ll find in Killington is run by Snowshed Lodge. Snowshed Lodge is a great attraction for both beginner and expert athletes. You can find the Killington Adventure Center with more than ten incredible family-friendly attractions, as well as a food court, rental shop, and the Snowshed Umbrella Bar.

The shuttle visits our Killington vacation rentals about every 15 minutes or so, so you’ll never have to wait long to get on board.

You’ll be taken to Snowshed Base lodge and even to the access road itself! You can access the Snowshed shuttle on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have plenty of Killington vacation rentals near the shuttle that put your family just minutes away from the action!

Bar Shuttles

There are also two bars in town that feature shuttle service: Wobbly Barn and Pickle Barrel.

Wobbly Barn is a mouthwatering steakhouse where locals and visitors alike flock for a delicious meal. This eatery has been a Killington staple since it opened in 1963, bringing guests from miles around. You’ll find comfort foods on the menu, like pan-roasted chicken breast and top sirloin. If you eat here, you even get free admission to the nightclub!

If you get a few too many drinks in you, please take advantage of the free Wobbly Wagon shuttle. Simply dial 1-800-VIP-BARN to request the shuttle to come and pick you up, and they’ll take you right back to your vacation rental for free on Fridays and Saturdays. This is a budget-friendly way to make sure you stay safe during your getaway. The Wobbly Barn is located at 2229 Killington Road.

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The other bar with a shuttle in Killington is the Pickle Barrel Night Club. This location has long been revered as the city’s biggest and most exciting entertainment venue with three levels for you to explore. The Pickle Barrel has been a favorite spot for locals and visitors since the 1960s, and its stage is nothing short of legendary.

Book Your Vacation

While vacationing in Killington, Vermont you will find tons of fun activities and all of the conveniences you need to access them. Contact us today for more information on planning your mountain getaway.

Once you’re done dancing the night away, you can use the Barrel Rider system to get back to your rental quickly and safely. By calling (802) 422-RIDE, you will be put in touch with staff who can arrange a ride for you. The Barrel Rider program employs four vans to take you anywhere within a 6-mile radius of the club, which includes many of our Killington vacation rentals. The Pickle Barrel is located at 1741 Killington Road.

The convenient Killington shuttle stops listed here can get you to and from your rental in a hurry, keeping you safe during your vacation. If you still need a place to stay, our Killington vacation rentals are among the top accommodations in the area. We’re proud to be right on Killington Mountain, which is the first to open and last to close ski resort in New England! There are tons of things to do in the area, making for the perfect family getaway. Contact us today to learn more about our properties.