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Our Guide to Tailgating at the Killington Slopes

Winter in Killington, Vermont, is magical. Much of the hustle and bustle revolves around the nationally renowned ski resort, though this season, skiing might feel a little different. Skiers and snowboarders are likely to avoid crowded lodges and restaurants, and public amenities like benches and picnic tables may be off-limits. When planning your trips to the slope, however, this provides an opportunity for another kind of fun that will still allow you to socialize, eat, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

tailgater drinking from thermos

Why Tailgate at Killington?

Tailgating has long been a popular means of relaxing, socializing, and sharing food from the back of your vehicle. While commonly associated with sports events, tailgating is quickly becoming the most convenient way to socialize while social distancing. It may seem unconventional to some, but there are plenty of perks. Eating out of the back of your vehicle is cost effective, especially if you bring your own food. If you bring a vehicle, there’s no need to lug your equipment around by hand, and you have a safe place for storage.

Additionally, tailgating is fun way to bond with family or friends and warm up after prolonged exposure to the cold! 

Be Prepared

How do you tailgate? At Killington, it is important to reserve parking beforehand. Arrive early to get a good spot near the slopes. Prepare for the day by packing the essentials: water bottles or hydroflasks, coolers or containers for food, tables, utensils, and anything else you might need for a lunch break. Get comfortable by bringing fold-up chairs. Even consider bringing a portable speaker if you want to make it a party!

chili in a bowl

Chili – The Perfect Tailgate Lunch

For food, you can always order to go from your favorite restaurant. However, if you prefer good-old-fashioned homemade meals or want to keep it cheap, chili makes the perfect tailgate lunch. It’s easy to make, easy to eat, and keeps your insides warm. We highly recommend the Boiler Tailgate Chili recipe!

Book Your Vacation

Whether you prefer to enjoy a snowy week in or hit the slopes for an action packed adventure, The Killington Group has the perfect rental for you. Contact us today to learn more about our winter wonderland in Vermont.

Where to Stay

After a great day on the slopes, most likely you’ll be exhausted and ready to get back to your Killington rental for some much-needed rest and relaxation. What are some of the best places to stay?


As implied by its name, Hideout provides the utmost privacy, as well as rustic overtones and woodsy views, which makes it one of the best Killington house rentals available. It’s a spacious five-bedroom, two-bathroom home that accommodates up to 12 people. The whole gang will have a blast battling each other on the ping pong table. Or they can warm up around the fireplace, sharing their adventures from the day. Though private, the property is still close to shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Conveniently, you can grab Killington ski rentals and other equipment on your way to the slopes!

living room

Hemlock Ridge 6A

Hemlock Ridge is another secluded property near the thick of things. It is conveniently near the heart of Killington’s fast-paced action, but while on the property, you wouldn’t realize it. The townhome features mountain-town décor and provides three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a sleeping capacity of 10. There are all the amenities of a home to make you comfortable, including new furniture and appliances. 

Contact us directly for more information about these or any of our other beautiful properties. Our friendly and professional staff will be pleased to help you find the best vacation rental to meet all your needs. For any more info about ski season or how to stay safe through creative ideas like tailgating, we are also eager to assist! This ski season at Killington is one you won’t want to miss.