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Killington ski resort trail intersection

Popular Killington Resort Trails Open This Season

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation to Killington, Vermont, you’re probably wondering which Killington ski resort trails are open. We’re here to highlight two of the best: The Great Northern and Bunny Buster. Skiers of all ages and experience levels will be able to find their ideal trails, and they’re all just moments from our Killington vacation rentals!

Before you head to the slopes, this guide will give you all the details about the slopes so you’re fully prepared for the best Killington skiing.

skier on the mountan

The Great Northern

The Great Northern has long been touted as one of the best beginner trails in Killington. This trail starts all the way up in Killington Peak (with an elevation of 4,241 feet) and comes to a finish at Rams Head base. Luckily, The Great Northern is among the easiest trails to get to in the first place, as the Vale Parking Lot is right at the base. Skiers can just take the K1 Gondola, which sits about 8 people, all the way to the top in about 10 minutes. 

The Great Northern used to be a green trail, but because of extensive traffic and lots of varied terrain, it was recently upgraded to a blue trail. Heading all the way to the top of Upper Great Northern will give you one of the best long blue runs on the mountain. No matter where you start from, be aware that The Great Northern intersects with a number of other trails, so be on the lookout for fellow skiers!

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Bunny Buster

Bunny Buster is one of the trails that The Great Northern actually intersects with, making it easy to hit them both in one day. Upper Bunny Buster starts at the peak of Snowdon Mountain, with an elevation of 3,592 feet. Skiers can travel to the top by either the Snowdon Quad or the Snowdon Triple, or you can choose to get here from Snowdon Poma from Great Northern. 

Upper Bunny Buster is a popular spot for racing teams to practice, so be aware of them as you’re getting onto the mountain. Bunny Buster as a whole is ideal for skiers of all skill levels, with more experienced athletes preferring Upper and beginners heading for Lower. Since people of all skill levels are more than welcome here, Bunny Buster is one of the area’s most popular blue trails.

Book Your Vacation

Whether you plan to do you skiing on these trails or any of the other great ones offered at the resort, picking out the perfect home away from home is key to making the most out of any ski trip! Contact us today to find your rental.

Where to Stay

To make sure you have the most convenient access to The Great Northern, Bunny Buster, and all the other great slopes, consider staying in one of our Killington house rentals! We are proud to accommodate groups of all sizes and are conveniently located just minutes from the slopes, so you can get out the door in a hurry. Plus, many of our units feature access to the Killington Shuttle, so traveling back and forth is a breeze. For your next getaway with your partner or family, there’s no better place to be than the Killington resort! Contact us today to learn more and to get started planning your vacation!