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A couple enjoying a hike through Killington near their Killington condo rental

Killington Summer Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

The trees are bright green. The birds are chirping. It’s a pleasant and bright time to be alive. It’s summer in Killington.

What are some of the best things to do in Killington in the summer, when the air is warm and everything is in full spring? Let’s cover some of our favorite Killington summer activities suitable for anyone who wants to have an exciting and action-packed getaway near our Killington vacation home rentals.

girl hiking in the woods


Hiking is one of the most popular Killington summer activities. There’s a versatile selection of trails you can choose from, including quick one-mile trips for families to far more ambitious and even professional-level hikes through the mountains.

Thundering Falls Trail is undeniably one of the area’s most accessible hiking trails.  It is a 0.4-mile wheelchair-accessible boardwalk hike that leads to the sixth tallest waterfall in the state. 

Some Killington trails incorporate a part of the larger (and notorious) Appalachian Trail. Deer Leap Trail is one such offshoot. The three-mile trail can take upwards of two hours and closes with stunning views of the Coolidge Mountain Range. 

We also recommend the numerous trails in and around the Killington Mountain Resort. Some of the most challenging trails in the area take you over 1,500 feet uphill for over three miles. Others are short and crisp walks towards the peak. Regardless of your hiking style, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors with just a small pack and your enthusiastic drive forward. For information on hiking out to waterfalls and swimming holes check here.

woman kayaking


For something a little more accessible (and definitely a little closer to the water), try a kayaking trip. You can find some amazing kayaking opportunities at Snowshed Pond. You can just float along the pond, keeping an eye out for fish and admiring Killington Peak looming in the distance.

Kayakers need to be at least 14 years of age. It’s a great way to soak in the outdoors of Killington without heading deep into the forest on a long half-day hike.

adventure center

Adventure Center

The Adventure Center is, undoubtedly, one of the quintessential outdoor experiences in Killington. Instead of opting for one or two small activities for kids, the Adventure Center manages to include it all.

There is a multitude of fun summer things to do. Entrance to the park is free and each activity has its own individual cost. Visitors can visit the playground and check out the food court. There’s bocce ball for adults and a nice picnic/cabana area to hang out and relax.

Beyond that, you have a variety of activities, ranging from family-friendly kid’s activities, like the Triangle Jump or the Amaze’n Maze, to some upbeat and exciting activities for adults and kids alike, including the Alpine Tube slope and the epic Jump Tower. The Jump tower is a 30’ tall bungee-assisted drop onto solid ground. The Trampoline Bounce is for young kids to hop and flip as they see fit, testing out their skills and posing for photos.

There’s also the Zip Line Racer and the Beast Mountain Coaster, both fast and frenetic activities for anyone who simply can’t get enough of the outdoors life.

Between mountain climbing, riding an ATV, hitting the downpour derby, and much more, Killington is one of the most exciting places to be for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers of all ages. We also have an extensive list of local Killington townhome rentals for you to review. Our townhomes feature some really cool and intimate amenities, like an outdoor heated pool, fireplace, hot tub access, and more.

Mountain Biking

Another of the best activities to do here in the summer is Killington mountain biking! The Killington Bike Park is a great destination for mountain bikers, both new and experienced, to come and learn new skills while exploring the best mountain biking in the East. You’ll have nearly 30 trails to choose from, offering a little something for everyone, and you can easily rent your bike and equipment here, so you don’t have to bring your own all the way from home.

A rock climber on the rock face near their Killington condo rental

Rock Climbing

What better activity to try when you’re in the mountains than rock climbing? It’s one of the most popular Killington, VT, outdoor activities! You can embark on a course or a private guided experience to take you through the mountains, so whether you’re a total beginner or have been rock climbing a time or two, you’ll be in good hands and will have an amazing experience. Not only is rock climbing a great way to stay active, but it also gives you a stunning view of the mountains of Killington!

Book Your Stay

Now that you know what you will be doing when you visit, you need a place to stay! We have plenty of options for any group size. Take a look at our Killington condo rentals and book your dates today!

Where to Stay

This is only the beginning of all the outdoor fun you can have on your next trip to Killington. There’s so much more to discover here, and we haven’t even covered the indoor activities yet! Luckily, all of these experiences and more are located just minutes away from our fantastic Killington condo rentals. We’ve got the perfect property rental no matter how many people you’re bringing with you or how long you plan to stay in the area. Our friendly staff is always available to help you pick out your ideal rental or tell you a little bit more about all the fun to be had in Killington. Contact us today to get started!